The Bayport Heritage Association was formed in 1983 and is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Bayport. The association has an extensive collection of archival photographs, vintage clothing, artifacts and books. Through the years, the group has been particularly active in the restoration of Meadow Croft, a John Ellis Roosevelt summer home and now a historical museum on the border of Bayport and Sayville. The association provides lectures and resources- educational, historical, environmental and social programs and services for the community and interested public. In June 2018, Blue Point joined the Association to include both communities.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This year’s tour was an opportunity to see inside some of the more interesting home in the area.

We want to thank Jaci Montgomery and the house tour committee: 
Jill Hansen, Alida Thorpe, Barbara Sherman, Carole Pichney and Anna Duggan for all their hard work. 

We also want to thank the volunteers who staffed each of the houses, the antique car owners, the Sayville Garden Club.

Much appreciation goes to Country Junque, The BBP Library and Bayport Flower House for selling tickets for the event. 

Finally, we must thank the homeowners: Kristy & Frank Giacchetto, Eleanor Cheslak, Jeanette & Thomas McMahon, Michelle & Tony Badalamenti, and Andrea & Tim Palmer for graciously opening their homes for this year’s tour. 
Thank you all, for your help and participation!


  1. Anonymous10/21/2014

    Why was the house at 36 Woodland St part of the tour? The oldest part of the house is the garage. The entire house was torn down in the fall of 2009 and rebuilt from the ground up in the spring of 2010. There isn't a single nail in the house that is even remotely rusty. If you want proof, look to Brookhaven towns permit dept.

  2. No one ever said nor was it printed that it was a historic house. You didn't read the booklet apparently, so you don't understand. Also, house tours are not just historic houses. I think you are the same person who wrote the comment on the event page, their neighbor. This is all volunteer and people pay to see nice houses, not solely historic houses. As I wrote on the events page: "The Bayport House Tour is a fund raising activity and the homes presented are interesting for a variety of reasons. Some are historical, some are on historical property or they are part of old estates, and some are new homes that are just architecturally interesting. It is not just to show historical homes. The tickets for this event are $25pp and come with a map and booklet explaining each house. If you had seen this booklet/ticket you would have known that this house is on historical property and was not advertised as historical in itself. The home at 19 Woodland is historical however. All the homes and all the volunteers do this for the love of the community. Home owners receive no compensation. Our goal is to further community spirit and raise money for the Bayport Heritage Association which maintains Meadow Croft as a house museum. There are exhibits and events to further the communities understanding of the historical nature of the Bayport, Blue Point and Sayville communities of Long Island. I hope next year you will join us and participate in all that the Bayport Heritage Association has to offer." Sorry you are so bitter. Perhaps you should speak to your neighbor and settle settle your differences.

  3. Let me add that no one was "duped" as you said in your previous comment. The description of the house clearly states: "The house as you see it today has been totally rebuilt with only the sunroom and garage as part of the original structure." Stop leaving negative comments, please. You just sound angry and bitter.

  4. Anonymous10/21/2014

    I thought the houses were great this year! I've gone on every tour for the last 10 years and it's always a mix of old and new houses. What's the problem? It's great to see everyone help out, the old cars are great and I love seeing how people decorate their homes. Isn't that the point? Some years there are houses that were just built. I love it!

  5. Anonymous10/21/2014

    Sounds like 36 Woodland have jealous neighbors who don't want them to have the recognition or praise for a nice house. Too bad. It's people like this that ruin the neighborhood.

  6. Anonymous10/21/2014

    This year's house tour was once again a wonderful celebration of the Bayport/BluePoint community. This event is always a positive and pleasant way to appreciate the area's rich architecture and to reflect upon the past generations that have contributed to our heritage.
    I am a bit perplexed by the comments directed at one of the homes on the tour. The house at 36 Woodland Ave. is an example of how current architectural trends can compliment other homes in the neighborhood. The homes that are opened to the tour need not have "rusty nails" or "original historical railings". This event is a fund raiser for an organization of volunteers who are devoted to keeping our local heritage alive. Kuddos to the "House Tour" organizers and to the volunteers who staffed each home, and those who shared the classic autos in driveways. Thank You to the home owners who disrupted their weekend and opened their homes for all to share.
    Negative comments and looking for "rusty nails" do not help with community building.


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