The Bayport Heritage Association was formed in 1983 and is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Bayport. The association has an extensive collection of archival photographs, vintage clothing, artifacts and books. Through the years, the group has been particularly active in the restoration of Meadow Croft, a John Ellis Roosevelt summer home and now a historical museum on the border of Bayport and Sayville. The association provides lectures and resources- educational, historical, environmental and social programs and services for the community and interested public. In June 2018, Blue Point joined the Association to include both communities.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Of interest...


The Sayville Historical Society will be hosting a program entitled,
 Let there be Light.

 A presentation about lighting fixtures from whale oil lamps to electricity, this program will be presented by lighting historian and collector, Erich Haesche.

Mr. Haesche will exhibit and demonstrate lighting fixtures ranging from rush lights and candles, to oil and gas lamps as well as early electric lamps and bulbs.
Don't miss this interesting presentation!

Sayville Historical Society
Edwards Street, Sayville
2 PM; Sunday, March 2.
Further information call:  631-363-6487.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

March 16th Meeting, 2014

March 16th, Sunday at 3:00 pm 

Joe Novak retired teacher and wood carver will present a program and slide show about the Teddy Roosevelt, the Rancher.

We all know about Teddy Roosevelt the politician and Teddy Roosevelt the leader of the Rough Riders, but how much do you know about Teddy Roosevelt the cowboy?
 After his first wife died, Teddy traveled west and became a rancher. 

Come learn about this part of his life from Joe Novak. 

Also discussed, the Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.
For more information about the park: TR Roosevelt National Park

Also, earlier in the day:
March 16th, Sunday
Bayport-Blue Point Saint Patrick's Day Parade
All heritage association members are invited to march in the parade showing their support of the association and the community.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Meeting: February 16th 2014

February 16th, Sunday at 3:00 pm
Community Room of the Bayport/Blue Point Library.
Gene Horton, retired teacher and local historian will present the program:
"George Washington and Long Island."
Mr. Horton will be covering the life and times of the "Father of our Country" 
and his famous five-day tour of Long Island.

Don't miss this interesting program!

Don't forget to stop at the library showcases prepared by Gene Horton for our pleasure, 
in honor of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in this special February birthday remembrance!

George Washington

Attention: All BHA Members

The nominating committee is developing a slate of board members for the 2014 board. 
If you or someone you know would be willing to serve on the board, 
please contact Joe Novak @ 631-363-7428

Attention Gardeners: 
The garden is still asleep but we are looking for volunteers to help maintain the Meadow Croft Garden comes spring.  All “Green Thumbs” please give Diana Walch a call at 472-1898.

Docents Needed: 
The Association is in need of docents at Meadow Croft. It requires very little time, less than 2 hours a day two days a month, June through October. If you or someone you know is interested in history please have then contact Harriet Milsten at 631-472-2118.

Have you remembered to pay your dues?  
Membership dues are now due. If you haven’t already done so you can either mail them to our P.O. Box with your name, address, phone number and email address,
or pay them at the February 16th General Membership Meeting.

Bayport Heritage Association
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