The Bayport Heritage Association was formed in 1983 and is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Bayport. The association has an extensive collection of archival photographs, vintage clothing, artifacts and books. Through the years, the group has been particularly active in the restoration of Meadow Croft, a John Ellis Roosevelt summer home and now a historical museum on the border of Bayport and Sayville. The association provides lectures and resources- educational, historical, environmental and social programs and services for the community and interested public.

2017 Board of Directors

At the March BHA general membership meeting, three new people were voted into leadership positions. 
Congratulations to Frank Geibfried, Beth LaMarca and Leann Berg as new officers in the Bayport Heritage Association. 

The new slate of officers are:
Mary Bailey ~ President
Leann Berg ~ Vice President
Beth LaMarca ~ Recording Secretary
John Amato ~ Treasurer
Laura Amato ~ Corresponding Secretary

Directors at Large:
Dennis Fagan, Dave Harenberg, Tom Maher, Kristi Giacchetto, Frank Geibfried

Thank you once again to the outgoing officers; 

Jill Hansen, Connie Smith and Joe Novak. 
Your dedication and countless hours of service are appreciated! 
Thank you!

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  1. Anonymous4/07/2017

    Please obtain a copy of the book The Roosevelt Cousins, published in the 1980-early 1990s for identification of tall Roosevelet cousin whose large framed photo is located in Meadowcroft hallway. Once identified check NY times obit., TRA booklets about Roosevelt family tree members, & other newspaper sources.


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