The Bayport Heritage Association was formed in 1983 and is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Bayport. The association has an extensive collection of archival photographs, vintage clothing, artifacts and books. Through the years, the group has been particularly active in the restoration of Meadow Croft, a John Ellis Roosevelt summer home and now a historical museum on the border of Bayport and Sayville. The association provides lectures and resources- educational, historical, environmental and social programs and services for the community and interested public.

Meeting Information

General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting- Bayport Heritage Association 

Community Room of 
the Bayport-Blue Point Library.

Please note the time for each. Refreshments are always served.

Please use the Madison Street parking lot
Thank you!

May General Membership Meeting
May 6th at 2:00

Join us for our General Membership meeting on May 6th at 2:00 in the BBP Library. Our guest speaker will be Ray Reilley. Ray, a Bayport Fire Department ex-chief, retired from the NYFD and Education Director of the Islip Town Fire Fighters Museum, will give a presentation on the history of our American Fire Services and a brief introduction to the Fire Fighters Museum. The museums goal is to maintain as much of Islip Town’s Fire Service history as possible. The museum's mission is a commitment to the historical preservation of Fire Departments, Public Safety Education, and Fire Fighters Safety programs. Islip's 21 fire departments and 5 Ambulance corps have been working diligently collecting donated historical artifacts for the museums displays and exhibits for everyone’s enjoyment and for the preservation of the fire services history. The “Islip Town Fighter Fighters” museum’s home is located at a site next to Duck’s stadium, in Central Islip. They look forward to a partnership with other Community, Organizations, Businesses, Friends and Government support, in order to help reach their goals and to share their proud heritage with Long Island families. 

Looking forward to this event!


  1. Anonymous9/20/2014

    Hello! I am purchasing a home in Bayport that was built in 1850 according to the records of the homeowner. I would love to learn more about the home!

  2. Welcome to Bayport! We have files on each of the historic homes. Come to a meeting and speak with someone from the association. We would certainly be able to help you find out the history of your new home. See you at the meetings! They are open to the public, so please introduce yourself. Thank you for contacting us!


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